Endorsements (1,467)


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Law Enforcement (150)

Prop. 34's broad range of law enforcement support includes Jeanne Woodford, former Warden of San Quentin state prison who oversaw four executions, Gil Garcetti, former District Attorney of Los Angeles County, and John Van de Kamp, former Attorney General of California.

Government Bodies, Elected Officials, and Candidates (79)

Elected officials at the local, state, and federal level support Prop. 34, including Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Democratic California State Senator Loni Hancock and Republican Supervisor Ron Briggs, from El Dorado County.

The Innocent (15)

Wrongfully convicted men and women are living proof that the death penalty risks grave mistakes. Support for Prop. 34 includes Franky Carrillo, Obie Anthony, and Maurice Caldwell, all of whom were released from prison in 2011 after being found innocent despite spending a cumulative 57 years in prison for crimes they did not commit.

Faith & Religious Organizations (112)

The Catholic Bishops of California, the Board of Rabbis of Northern California, the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, and the Episcopal Diocese of California are just four of the many faith and religious organizations to endorse Prop. 34.

Organizations and Unions (145)

From the California NAACP to the California League of Women Voters, to the California Labor Federation, to the California Democratic Party, political, social justice, and community-based organizations all over the state support Prop. 34.

Individuals (over 11,000 and counting!)

Join concerned teachers, mothers and fathers, law enforcement officials, innocent men and women, and victims' family members from all over the country.  Endorse Prop. 34 today!

Murder Victim Family Members (442)

Victims' families support Prop. 34, including Lorrain Taylor, whose twin sons were murdered, Ronnie Sandoval, whose son was wrongfully convicted and then murdered, and Judy Kerr, whose brother was murdered and whose killer remains at large.

Media Outlets (47)

The Los Angeles Times, the Sacramento Bee, the Stockton Record, Vallejo Times-Herald, San Francisco Examiner, and the Pasadena Star-News are the first media outlets to give an early endorsement to the Prop. 34 initiative.

Celebrities & Entertainment Industry Leaders (77)

From Bonnie Raitt to Bill O'Reilly to Alec Baldwin to MC Hammer, Prop. 34 is popular with popular people.

Faith & Community Leaders (382)

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben, and Van Jones are just a few of the Faith and Community Leaders who have endorsed Prop. 34.

Business & Legal Leaders (17)

Reed Hastings and Frank Quattrone are just two of the leaders who know it's time to replace the death penalty because it is a costly, risky, and ineffective drain on our limited state funds.