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Families of Murder Victims

California’s death penalty harms murder victim families.

Justice requires accountability to survivors of murder victims. We must ensure that every survivor of a murder victim is treated with respect and gets the justice they deserve. But the death penalty traps survivors in decades of mandatory appeals, forcing them to relive the trauma over and over. When we condemn people to permanent imprisonment instead, family members get peace of mind and can move on with their healing—rather than experiencing decades of traumatic court dates and delays. Death penalty trials in California take an average of 25 years from conviction to execution, and more inmates end up dying of old age or illness. It is a false promise to victims.

Replacing the death penalty with life in prison without parole serves murder victim families by:

  1. Holding offenders accountable by ensuring murderers who are convicted of life in prison without the possibility of parole stay in prison forever
  2. Providing services to murder victim families by requiring inmates to work in a high security prison and pay restitution into a victim’s compensation fund
  3. Allocating budget savings back into local law enforcement in order to solve more rape and murder cases.

Stories of Victims