Almost half of all death row inmates are held in three states within the United States. At present, The U.S. has approximately 2628 total death row inmates. Almost half of these inmates are held in California, Florida, and Texas. As of October 7, 2020, California had 711 death row inmates. Florida currently has 346 death […] Read more

On August 24, 2020, the California Supreme Court issued its ruling overturning the death penalty in the Scott Peterson case. The guilty conviction still stands. Justice Leondra Kruger wrote the ruling overturning the death penalty in the case and remanding the case to the lower court for retrial on the sole issue of the penalty […] Read more

California is by far the largest state in the nation and has experienced its share of coronavirus cases since the pandemic started earlier this spring. Through August 16th, The New York Times reports over 628,000 cases in The Golden State along with over 11,000 deaths.  While those numbers are troubling enough, it is the statistics […] Read more

In Arizona, the death penalty may be sought only in crimes of first-degree premeditated murder or for death – felony murder. The felony murder rule in Arizona allows the prosecution of an individual for murder if the death occurs during the commission of certain crimes, even if the person prosecuted did not actually kill the […] Read more

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Over 700 inmates on California’s death row may become eligible to transfer to other high-security prisons but be housed with non-condemned inmates. The death row inmates would be permitted to take part in rehabilitation programs after their transfer. The transfer does not remove the death sentence, but it does allow the death row inmates more […] Read more