The death penalty is off the table in California. Governor Gavin Newsom, who took office earlier this year, signed an executive order abolishing the controversial practice. Now, the 737 inmates on death row, including 25 who have exhausted the lengthy appeals process, can rest easy for at least the next four years. Newsom Concerned About […] Read more

The death penalty hasn’t been carried out in the state of California since 2006. Since then, the Constitutionality of the state’s execution policies has been at the center of controversy. Despite this, the state’s death row continues to grow. Juries haven’t shied away from imposing capital punishment when they feel it is appropriate. To date, […] Read more

Washington State recently became the 20th state to abolish the death penalty. In a unanimous opinion, the Washington Supreme Court ruled that capital punishment was unconstitutional because “it is imposed in an arbitrary and racially biased manner.” This is actually the third time the death penalty has been declared unconstitutional in the state. The high […] Read more

Despite the fact that inmates have been sentenced to be executed for their crimes, death row tends to be a relatively uneventful place. You may think that inmates, having been sentenced to death, would have no reason to behave and toe the line. It would be quite easy for violent offenders to continue their violent […] Read more

California has more inmates on death row than any other state in the country. However, while the state seems to have no problem sentencing defendants to death, it seems to have a bit of an issue with the follow through. California has not executed a death row inmate since 2006. However, as the state prepares […] Read more