Criminal Court

The following is a brief overview of the death penalty appeals process in California. Once a grand jury has indicted you for a capital offense you will be tried in a California State Court. This trial will consist of two phases: guilt and sentencing. The guilt phase is where your capital case is tried in […] Read More

Home Depot Truck Used in NYC Attack

On Tuesday,  Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov killed eight people and injured several more when he drove a pickup truck onto a bike lane in lower Manhattan. The act is being described as the city’s first terror attack since 9/11. It is probably not surprising that the current Commander-in-Chief has since taken to Twitter to express his […] Read More

Last November, California narrowly voted in favor of reforming the state’s death penalty. California has been bogged down in legal battles over its death penalty protocols and has not executed an inmate in over a decade. There are nearly 750 inmates on death row in California, many of whom are in the middle of lengthy […] Read More

Every few years Californians voters are faced with a referendum that seeks to abolish the death penalty in the state. Proponents of getting rid of the death penalty often argue that the cost of the death penalty in California is unsustainable and a waste of taxpayer dollars. While these referendums have not been successful, the […] Read More

California has not executed a death row inmate in more than a decade. Lawsuits and appeals over the state’s lethal injection protocol have stalled the progress of all current and pending death row cases. During this time, many have questioned whether the death penalty is implemented fairly in California. A review of statistics and evidence […] Read More